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At the heart of 1 to 1 Counselling are your specific and unique needs. An individual consultation is a safe and confidential space in which you can talk about how you really feel. Whatever you bring to the consultation room will be treated in confidence and with respect for your desire to be heard. Consultations are held at one of my counselling rooms for up to an hour and usually no less than 50 minutes. This time limit allows enough time to talk at whatever depth you require while not overburdening you during the session as talking about emotions can be difficult and tiring. My role as your counsellor is predominantly to listen to you and so you can expect to do most of the talking: this is standard practice as this is your time to be heard.

During our initial consultation I will help you to understand how we may work together and what to expect from our relationship. I will assess your needs and we will agree the basis upon which we will move forward together if that is appropriate. Neither you nor I are under any obligation to move beyond the initial consultation as it is first and foremost of great importance that we feel comfortable with each other and I am confident that I can help you. It may be appropriate for me to refer you to other professionals or signpost you to other help and support if I believe you will benefit more in doing so. Your wellbeing is of primary concern to me and I will only agree to treat you if I feel sure I can provide what you need. If we both agree to continue into treatment our future sessions will usually be weekly but this may differ if we both think it appropriate. We will likely agree an initial number of sessions and review progress at intervals along the way. If further sessions are appropriate we will agree to them and continue. It is my hope and desire that, as we meet together, you will find clarity of thought, be empowered to make positive choices, and move towards your own unique solutions and improved mental well-being.

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I believe that improving our mental wellbeing takes time and effort and, although some people find relief and improvement quite quickly through counselling, there are seldom quick fixes. Continued learning, paying attention to and taking responsibility for our ongoing well-being is of fundamental importance throughout our lives. As we move through and ultimately end our sessions together you will, if you wish, have the opportunity to benefit from other counselling and counselling-related activities of Well Life Counselling, such as Group Counselling and involvement in community Wellbeing Awareness events that I may hold from time to time. Giving back to the community is important to me and these events will aim to educate and inform in the area of mental wellbeing and to demystify the counselling profession, therefore overcoming the stigma associated with mental health. Mental wellbeing is not just for now but for life. I hope that our 1 to 1 counselling sessions together will be just the first step in your wellbeing journey and I hope you will allow me the privilege of helping you along the way. Why not call me today? Our initial, no obligation chat on the telephone is FREE so let’s discuss how I can help you.