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There are hundreds of thousands of cases of work-related stress in Great Britain every year resulting in millions of working days lost to employers. Indeed in 2015/16, stress accounted for almost half of all working days lost due to ill health. The prevalence of stress varies across industry sector and occupation type and is seen more in specific age groups but one thing is certain: pressures in the workplace like difficult deadlines, too much responsibility, poor management support and organisational change are contributing to the ill health of our workforce and impacting productivity. This is good neither for the employee nor the employer.

Many organisations tackle this by providing Occupational Assistance Programmes which seek to help employees with an array of issues related to money, health, family and work and this is a good thing. In the case of anxiety caused by workplace stress, however, these programmes are shutting the stable door when the horse has already bolted. At Well Life Counselling I believe that, in the case of mental health and well-being, prevention is far better than cure. How many days lost due to stress-related illness could be avoided if only our workforce was better equipped to cope with the pressures of modern day working life? What if they were provided with the awareness and tools to manage their daily workload and their emotional health better?

I have seen the effects of organisational change both within small business and multi-national corporations at first hand. I’ve experienced the difficulties of managing and supporting a workforce when struggling to compete in the marketplace and meet unreasonable client deadlines and I’ve had personal experience of the effects on ordinary men and women who are trying their very best in these difficult and challenging environments. The effects on health are profound and present a real challenge with regard to productivity. A healthy workforce is a much happier workforce.

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I can help your organisation to move towards prevention rather than cure by providing workshops for employees to help raise awareness of the effects of workplace stress and provide the knowledge and tools to tackle everyday stresses and anxieties before they become a problem. Each workshop will provide a fun and supportive environment where your people can openly discuss the difficulties they face and together learn techniques for better well-being in the workplace: things they can also take into their lives outside of work in order to manage life’s stressors better.

Why wait for stress to adversely affect your employees and your productivity. Move to prevent workplace stress-related illness before it hits your organisation and contact me to discuss your requirements.