About Me

Counselling Lancaster - How can I help you?

I would like to tell you about why I am a counsellor so that you understand where I’m coming from. I’ve not always been a counsellor and spent many years of my professional life in the I.T. industry in engineering and management at various levels and have worked in small, intimate organisations and multi-national corporations. I’m a family man, love the great outdoors and see life as an opportunity to experience and understand the world, the people within it and to pursue my own personal and emotional development. I’ve encountered many challenges in life, just like you, which have sometimes seemed overwhelming.

It doesn’t matter who we are: life challenges us all in many different ways and we are all human. It was many years ago, that life posed one of its inevitable challenges to me which led me to a change of direction in my own life. My response, after a period of struggle, was to ask myself what I wanted from my life from now on. I took stock of my values and challenged my world view and I came to the realisation that my future life fulfilment would come from helping others with their life problems. I wanted to give back to society and use my talents and experience to play my part in making a better world. Entering the world of psychotherapy has enabled me to see my life and the lives of others with a new perspective. I’ve realised that we all have the desire to be fulfilled in life and to reach our full potential as human beings but that life experiences and events sometimes get in the way and throw us off track and down roads we would rather not travel. I’ve also realised that life is not fair and was never supposed to be – a revelation that has changed my life for the better. These changes have allowed me the privilege of working with many wonderful people like you and help them achieve a new perspective in their own lives and empower them to make positive change and find solutions for themselves.

I am a former Head of Adult Therapy Services at CancerHelp, a charity working with those affected by cancer, whether they are patients, carers or those bereaved due to cancer and own a thriving private counselling and therapy practice in Lancaster in Lancashire, and also online, helping people with all manner of mental health issues.

I also work on a voluntary basis for Cruse Bereavement Care as a Supervisor and Bereavement Volunteer, helping bereaved people in a one-to-one and group setting. Volunteering and ‘giving back’ is important to me and I’m involved in raising awareness of the benefits of therapy and the possibility of improved mental health in the community.

I am an Associate Therapist for the Lancashire Constabulary and also a Lecturer in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Skills and Practice at level 4 and level 5.

If you choose to come to me for help with the difficulties you are facing in your life you can be assured of complete respect, compassion, confidentiality and a safe environment to explore how you feel. I will consider it a privilege to meet you and help you find your path.

My core qualifications in this field are an Advanced Professional Diploma (Level 5) in Psychotherapeutic Counselling and also a Diploma in Hypnotherapy. I abide by my governing body requirements for ongoing professional training and development on an annual basis.