In the Community

Counselling Lancaster - In the community

From time to time Well Life Counselling will provide FREE awareness events within the community, whether this be in a local library or within an organisation or other location and will be aimed at providing the local community with information about mental health and raising the community’s awareness of the role that the counselling profession can play in improving the well-being of the general population. It will aim to demystify the counselling profession and help to tackle the stigma associated with mental well-being. It will give the general public a place to ask questions, seek advice and understand potential options open to them when looking to tackle their own issues. Please note that counselling will not take place at the events as all counselling activity must be performed within strict ethical guidelines in the consultation room with the professional counsellor. If you have ever considered coming for counselling and not known where to start this may be an opportunity for you to take that first step. If you are interested in learning more about mental well-being these events may be for you.

Counselling Lancaster - Collage of faces

For now these events will likely take the form of short one-hour sessions over lunch time to allow busy people to attend in the working day. Evening events will also be available. Check the NEWS feed on this site for the latest events and contact me for more information.