Governing Bodies

When you come to see a counsellor to talk about your problems you want to know that he or she is well trained, competent, experienced and able to help you. This goes almost without saying but how can you know? In the counselling profession the membership of and affiliation to a governing body is of great importance in maintaining standards within the profession.

The purpose of these organisations is to ensure quality of service to clients and to support the counselling profession to provide the best service to its clients. They demand that members maintain their ongoing training year on year and receive regular and consistent supervision from experienced supervisors. These requirements are not optional and counsellors must abide by them.

Governing organisations also insist that their members abide by a code of ethics, which safeguards the public by setting out the rules and guidelines for ethical counselling practice. Individual members benefit by having access to a network of professionals and a host of best practice training, guidance and materials to enhance their practice in order to constantly improve the service they give to their clients.

When your counsellor is affiliated to one or more recognised governing bodies you can feel a greater level of confidence that you have made the right choice. I have shown the governing bodies I am currently affiliated to below. Follow the links to find out more.